Breathing Solutions by Lynnly Benson

1. Repeating Myself by Lynnly Benson

EYE SEE: Eye Want You, Eye Touch Myself, Eye Get It

Complete Eye See series by Lynnly Benson at: Eye See

By Lynnly Benson in collaboration with Charlie Craggs of Nail Transphobia

Look At Me: Lynnly // January 2016

All Moving Selfies by Lynnly Benson: here.

Exploring human memory and navigating its conceptual and unreliable nature.

By Lynnly Benson, Irene Rodriguez, Ni Xueyang


by Lynnly Benson

A film by Patternity + Lily Silverton in association with Imperial War Museums

Assistant Editor  Lynnly Benson

By Lily Silverton for Edeline Lee SS15 / Video Fashion Week

Assistant Editor  Lynnly Benson

Still relevant.

By Lynnly Benson

In Visibility by Lynnly Benson

This is a discussion about gender visibility and the importance about spaces that create visibility.

Present at shoots: Charlie Craggs, Jamie Pallas, L Garnons Williams, Felix Lane, Greygory Vass, Arran Mara, Joshua Goodyear, Eva Monkey, Ted Barker, Alabama Cherry, Ruth Russell

The Test Shot by Lynnly Benson

Diversity! Now 2014 Top 4 Finalist in Fashion Film (in association with Arts Thread & i-D Magazine)

With thanks to LGW&Jamie from The Test Shot  (
Just so you know
By Lynnly Benson

This is where you put the glass down. 

Filmed&Edited by Lynnly Benson

When I was 8.

You know what, I lied. This film is about me.  

By Lynnly Benson

55DSL Autumn/Winter 2013

By Lily Silverton

Assitant Editor: Lynnly Benson

Calvin Klein Collection A/W 2013

By Lily Silverton

Assitant Editor: Lynnly Benson

This is what I took away from The Tracey Fragments, this is everything I have.

Filmed/Directed/Edited by: Lynnly Benson

Audio was ripped off The Tracey Fragments.

Cartier Nouvelle Vague Film
A film by Lily Silverton
Post-Production Assistant: Lynnly Benson

Hugo Boss - Red Never Follows by Lily Silverton

Editing Assistant: Lynnly Benson

The Ultimate Form
By  Lily Silverton
Post-production Assistant: Lynnly Benson

I imagine this is what it is like to chain-smoke on an empty stomach at 3 in the morning.

Filmed/Edited/Everthing: Lynnly Benson

Keep Your Timber Limber

By Lily Silverton

Post-Production Assistant & DOP: Lynnly Benson

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